JJ Przewozniak
Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer

JJ, a co-founder of this enterprise, hails from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Roseville, where fate has dictated must be far away from anything worthwhile.  His interests include God, friends, animals, and hot wings.  As an Oakland University grad, he delights in working and volunteering for numerous museum institutions including The Henry Ford, Mackinac State Historic Parks, and the Detroit Historical Society.

Jeff Mogle
Executive Director of the Ministry of Badassery

Jeff routinely impresses people with the amount of time he devotes to historic education.  His years spent in the living history world have allowed him to accumulate ungodly amounts of knowledge, hats, and some pretty nifty guns.  Usually perceived as a kind of 21st-century minute man, Jeff is never more than ten feet away from his helmet, or without his lighter.

Tiffany Hands
Moral Compass

Tiffany is almost as far away from everything as JJ.  Living in Woodhaven, her talents at photography and dedication to our mission have inspired volumes of poetry and several youtube tribute videos.  She graduated from Wayne State University, and her skills in social work have allowed her to completely mystify people by knowing what they want to know hours before they ever ask a question.

Marcin Chumiecki
Chief Advisor
Special Envoy to Poland

Marcin’s abilities as a top-notch businessman and a gifted natural leader at the Polish Mission have everyone wondering why he hangs out with us.  Marcin is the group’s only born-and-raised Pole; straight from the Mountains of  Bielsko-Biała.

Pete Barilovich
Artistic Director

Pete’s ability to communicate with farm animals is legendary among the agriculture world of Wayne County.  When he’s not pitching hay or teaching a 2,000-pound draft horse how to be polite, you can usually find Pete lifting weights or doing something artistic.  With a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, Pete’s routinely creating something that usually makes everyone wish they’d thought of it first.

Jenny Schneck
Heavy Weapons Technician
Emissary to the Soviet Union

Jenny keeps watch on our southwestern front from Westland.  Her interests include cooking, photography, and blowing s#!t off the map with the rocket launcher.  If you mess with her, she can put a warhead in your grill faster than you can say “pass the mustard.”  In all honesty, Jenny is far more cordial than her title would have you believe.  Her most popular contributions to BB usually come from her oven, and incorporate pleasant amounts of liquor.

Nicole Sedlak
Improvised Explosives Expert

Nicole represents the Batalion’s northernmost outpost in Rochester, MI.  Even though this page contains humorous titles for most members, usually birthed out of some aspect of their personality, it’s a fact that Nicole truly is a florist.  What’s history without a little color?  Usually when the guys get together to clean guns, Nicole ‘s floral expertise is put to work as she decorates the cleaning-table with Daffodils and Hydrangia.

Ed Kaminski
Principal Benefactor

A lifetime collector of WWII and Polish artifacts, Ed supplies “Burza” with most of the artifacts we display.  He usually causes a complete wash-out of our events because our members are too mesmerized by his collections to talk to any guests.  With a strong love for Polish history and heritage, Ed routinely allows us to bake his collections in the sun as we use them to tell our story.  Sometimes he brings sandwiches too.

Steve Boyce

We met Steve at an event in St. Clair Shoes in 2009.  As a veteran teacher, Steve understands our mission very clearly and provides a heavy chunk of our educational resources on display.

Chris Przybycien

Chris loaned us the very first artifacts we ever displayed.  Without those, we wouldn’t have much of a program, so Chris holds a special place in our hearts as our first supporter!