Our forte is the standard WWII reenactment circuit.  Because our main focus is education, we’re most satisfied when we’re at larger events with lots of exposure to a variety of guests.  The more people we get to talk to the better.  Having a busy atmosphere can add to the excitement of our programs, too.  We we also feel at home at Polish cultural events like festivals, event commemorations, and the like.

If you’d like us to attend your event, drop us a line.  Here are a few things to know about having us over:

  • Make sure there’s enough time before your event before you drop a line.  Believe it or not, we’re all working stiffs that need advance notice to get time off from our jobs.  We don’t like to do these things unless most or all of us can make it out.
  • Our fees are decided on a case by case basis depending on travel costs and length of stay.  We don’t mind going out of town, but if we travel outside the Detroit area, it’s likely we’ll need to rent a small trailer, so keep that in mind.
  • We bring guns.  All shapes and sizes too.  They’re all legal and they’re all antiques.  If this fact upsets you, or is likely to upset anyone at your event, reconsider having us in attendance.  Our vehicle for conveying the Polish story is our emphasis on Polish military 1939-1945, and believe it or not, they were armed.  (!)  Please remember that our antique weapons are a vital part of our display.