The years that witnessed the Second World War have captured the attention of countless individuals.  From the most eminent historians to the most enthusiastic hobbyists, this historic event has been relentlessly surveyed, producing a body of writings, artistic works and other media that can prove intimidating to the student or researcher.

Put that on top of the sometimes swept-under-the-rug story of Poland’s role in WWII, and you’ll find that learning about Polish people during that time, let alone a politically-charged event like the Warsaw Uprising, can be very challenging.

That’s why we’ve created resource pages on the Warsaw Uprising and general Polish WWII history that will help the information seeker navigate through the variety of print and web resources in English.  Check out the menu.  Among other things, our Reading List has reviews and a listing of books on the Uprising, and our Web Resources page has a rundown on websites.  Enjoy!