An Open Letter to the Citizens of Buffalo

In a couple short weeks, we’ll be at your gates.  There’s a strong front moving east from Detroit, and the storm will hit on June 10.  We have a message for you all: we will tell you our story; our Polish story.  It’s a story with romance, sacrifice, grief and glory, and it’s resonating deep inside everyone with Polish blood in their veins.  We’ll tell this story to everyone, without apologies or timidity, because this story is one for all people, written by our Polish ancestors.

We will tell this story with vigor.  Our confidence is built on the bricks that lined the streets of Warsaw in 1944, that were torn up by heroes to create the barricades that would save countless lives from the enemy’s fire.  Our confidence is built on the lathe and mill that turned out illegal weapons in underground workshops so our ancestors could fight the occupying enemy.  Our confidence is built on the historic foundations of Warsaw, that saw a triumphant center of European culture turned into rubble, and then methodically and perfectly rebuilt to show the world that we cannot die.

We will tell this story with passion.  We stand in the shadow of those heroes who went before; who with unflinching dedication rushed to defend their friends and families in ’39.  They fought the enemy, suffered tragically, and emerged only to be forced into a red muzzle.  Theirs is the legacy of tragedy and triumph.  Theirs is the real story; we tell it for those who cannot.

We will tell this story for the future.  Heroes will die and monuments will fall, but great events will be remembered and revered as long as you allow them.  You are the agent of the past.  We will bring this story to all audiences, and we will bring it as a treasured lesson for all to learn from.  Will you hear it?

Uwaga!  The storm is coming!