JJ PrzewozniakWe’re a dynamic group of historians who’ve been inspired by the story of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and are driven to deliver the story of Polish people during the Second World War to the public through serious and dynamic living history interpretation, and by supporting like-minded organizations and projects.  Our mission is to inspire people with that Polish story so they’ll explore history for themselves, long after our presentations are over.

We believe that educating the public is the core responsibility of any living history group, and as such we focus our energy on creating an interactive learning environment and a vivid living history program.  Through the use of a variety of meaningful artifacts, engaging storyboards, and energetic personal interpretation in authentic period clothing, we realize our mission by creating a fun, educational, and exciting atmosphere where all who visit can leave with good memories, valuable knowledge, and a renewed respect for the story of the Poles from the 1940s.  We also offer consultation and professional services for films and other artistic endeavors.

It wouldn’t be fair to think of us as a run of the mill reenactor-club, and it would be equally unfair to think of us as an exclusive and snobby book club or some kind of cardboard-backed high school history project.  We don’t fit any kind of mold really, and to be honest we’re pretty proud of that.  We’re very moved by the history we interpret, and our drive to continue our project has its roots in the power of the Polish story of WWII.  We’re excited to bring that story and our little party of interpreter-historians to new audiences.

That said, we’re glad you’re here and we’d love to show you more.  Enjoy our site, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email.