So here begins this illustrious creative avenue for my observations on humanity.  It’s a bit intimidating, you can imagine.  This “Burza” enterprise was originally birthed from the recesses of the young Pole behind the keyboard at this very moment–yes, this is JJ.  Since it’s inception, my cadre of enormously valued friends have supported this project as it’s grown to crazy new levels.  That is astounding.  I owe the success of this entire gig to people like Jeff, Tiffany, and Mr. Chris, who’ve all gone completely out of their way to support this.  All the work everyone’s done, all the feedback and consultation, all the sacrifices everyone’s made are truly inspiring.

Now what?

Well, just sit tight world, because a storm is brewing.  This will be an amazing summer, as Batalion “Burza” takes on the Polish Museums at Orchard Lake’s Polish Mission.  The Polish Mission is home to an amazing collection of Polish WWII artifacts, and it’s in dire need of a little TLC, a few fresh coats of paint, and a re-camped storyline for the visitors.  Burza’s members will be putting aside the rifles and potato-mashers in favor of a Nikon D700 and a paint brush as Tiffany, Pete, and Jeff along with myself get busy taking the Polish museums into the 21st century.  The formal updates on the project can be found over on the Polish Mission’s website, but I’ll be checking in on here periodically as well, just to give you the juicy details.